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Missouri S&T - Joe Miner Camp

Miner Athletics Coaching Staff

Most of the Miner Athletic department coaches will make up the camp coaching staff, so campers will receive high level instruction. Note: Not all the below coaches will be present at camp. Staff TBD.

  • Marques Baldwin, Asst. Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Mike Burton, Asst. Football Coach
  • Kira Carter, Asst. Women's Basketball Coach
  • Todd DeGraffenreid, Head Baseball Coach
  • Shane Dowty, Asst. Football Coach
  • Todd Drury, Asst. Football Coach
  • Alan Eads, Head Women’s Basketball Coach
  • Tyler Fenwick, Head Football Coach
  • Jim Glash, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Doug Grooms, Head Swimming Coach
  • Gabe Hall, Head Men’s Soccer Coach
  • Jason Holt, Head Volleyball Coach
  • Mike Landry, Asst. Track/X-Country Coach
  • Joe McCauley, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
  • Mike McFarland, Asst. Football Coach
  • Cathy Monroe, Head Softball Coach
  • Maureen Nesbit, Asst. Volleyball Coach
  • Brent Vogel, Head Track/X-Country Coach